Business Brilliance Acceleration Mastermind

This is going to be a powerful program that will
IGNITE your business and ACCELERATE your results!!

This new, elite, powerful small group program will spur you forward with excitement and confidence for what YOUR business can become AND provide you with the leadership, support, and tools needed to implement your own business plans like never before.

dream big set goals take actionI. Can’t. Wait.

I want to help guide you to the success you dream of because it’s my passion and mission to help you build the business of your dreams. So don’t hesitate. Let me be your guide over the next six months.

Let’s ignite your business and build your creative energy, excitement, and momentum!

Let’s accelerate your business success.

This very elite small group program begins January 2016.

BBAM! is going to be the perfect combination of strategy, implementation, and personalized guidance.

It’s going to be the perfect combination of mastermind, group coaching, targeted content, resources, business guidance, and powerful private coaching.

Yep, I’ve packed this program with everything you need to accelerate your success.

And it’s going to be a very exclusive small group of savvy, smart, action-oriented, values-driven entrepreneurs.

I look forward to having you in the group!

Let’s do this!

Who is BBAM for?

Service-based entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, change agents, healers, wellness practitioners, technical experts, and more)

  • You are established in your business and want to expand OR
    you’re ready to establish a viable business based on your expertiseGroup support
  • You are ready to learn how to leverage your expertise and skills
  • You are ready to learn how to implement advanced planning and marketing
  • You are ready to dig in and do the work necessary – once you have the support and guidance needed – to build the business you dream of!
  • You are eager to participate in a small-group learning environment where you can contribute and learn from others
  • You have an abundance mentality and believe in collaboration and cooperation vs. competition and scarcity
  • You value relationships with others and honor those relationships – with your clients, your own business community, your colleagues, and your support system
  • You are ready to invest in outstanding, personalized support and guidance to achieve your goals


THIS is business coaching the way it’s meant to be done:
Personalized | Focused | Supportive

What’s included with my investment? 

During our journey together for the next six months, I’ll lead you through my powerful program that will provide you with the guidance and support you need to translate your unique brilliance, accelerate your results, and build your successful and energetically sustainable business!

  • Two (2) powerful 90-minute group business training and coaching calls each month
    • Teaching and content, as needed
    • Feedback and coaching to assess your progress and keep you moving forward
    • Calls will be structured for maximum learning and implementation and will follow this type of pattern each month:
      • 1 teaching/training call covering an advanced business-building topic, including time for review, questions, and personal application/action plan
      • 1 open Q&A and coaching call where members can bring any topic to the call they want help withTwo businesswomen talking
  • Three (3) 45-min private business coaching calls with Margie over the course of the 6 months, to be scheduled at your convenience
  • Private Facebook group
    • Where you can quickly ask questions and get feedback from your peers and Margie
    • For accountability and action planning on a monthly and weekly basis, as desired
  • Private, password-protected resource page where all of the content, recordings, training materials, etc. will be stored
    • You’ll be able to download and save all materials throughout our six months together so you can use them again and again
    • I’ll add materials throughout the program and tailor them to the group’s goals
      so you get what you need when you need it

Let’s IGNITE your business and ACCELERATE your results!

What ELSE will I receive as a member of BBAM?

PLUS, as a member of this elite group program, you will receive the following BONUSES:bonus

BONUS: Kick-Start One-on-One Business Assessment Call with Margie

  • Includes a detailed questionnaire and follow-up private strategy call with Margie
  • Together, we’ll outline a plan for accelerating your business results over the course of our 6 months together so you’ll know what your top goals are and how to reach them

BONUS: 1 Group Virtual VIP Day to keep the momentum high and to plan your upcoming business quarter.

  • We will focus on your marketing plan, your top priority business project, and your big picture goals.
  • The group VIP Day will be highly productive, focused days that will have your business accelerating beyond your wildest dreams.

Downloadable recordings of all coaching and content calls (if desired)

Discounted admission in Margie’s other programs and workshops offered during our time together

PLUS, special surprises and bonuses added throughout the program – to add value to the program and keep you inspired!

What’s the investment for enrollment in BBAM?

Here’s the value you’ll receive for 6 months of outstanding leadership, guidance, support, and more through this perfection combination of:

  • Mastermind ($600)
  • Group Coaching Calls ($900)
  • Targeted Content and Training ($1500)
  • Powerful Private Business Coaching ($900)
  • PLUS 1 Bonus Virtual VIP Day ($1200)

TOTAL VALUE of $5100

BBAM Enrollment and Payment Plan:

  • Total Investment is $3000
  • Down Payment of $500 due upon enrollment to reserve your spot
  • Payment Plan of 5 monthly payments (interest-free) of $500


EXCLUSIVE Early Bird Savings and Payment Plan:

Download the full program PDF at the bottom of this page to learn about the extra-special Early Bird offer AVAILABLE ONLY FOR A LIMITED TIME

Registration is Closed

How do I know this is right for me?

Simply put, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level AND want to be a fully active participant in an intimate, small-group setting, then this program is meant for YOU.

I congratulate you for making it this far on your entrepreneurial journey. It’s not an easy path and you’ve done a fabulous job!

But if you are really serious about building a business that supports you, this 6-month guided journey will get you there.

You will receive more encouragement, more guidance, and see greater results than you could ever hope to do alone.

How do I apply to become a member of BBAM?

This elite program begins in January and it’s going to be a very exclusive small group of savvy, smart, action-oriented, values-driven entrepreneurs … so the time to apply is NOW.

In order to determine if becoming a member of this group will be of benefit to you at this time and will help you accelerate your business growth, I’d like to get to know a bit about you and your business.

The application process is this simple: Let’s Talk!

Download the BBAM program outline
and schedule your time to speak with me about enrolling in BBAM!

(The link to my calendar is in the program outline)

Registration is Closed