You are naturally brilliant. You are uniquely gifted.

You know it. Your clients see it.

You get results.

and yet

home study

You’re STILL trading dollars for hours.

You are unable to help as many people as you’d like to.

You’re wondering at what point in the not-so-distant future the struggle will cease and your income will increase.

You're not alone

Every service provider, at some point, smacks headfirst into this realization:

For the love of it all! There’s a cap on my one-on-one business model and a LIMIT to my income as long as I continue trading time for money?!

This realization is often followed by a despairing sigh and a head hung in resignation.

Time is a non-renewable resource my friend.

I’m here to show you how to leverage yours.

I understand

You’d like to work less, make more money, and impact more people, but honestly you don’t know how.

You dream of expanding your business but you’ve been stuck where you’re at because you have yet to figure out how to put more hours in a day.

You wish you could translate your brilliance into a concrete and relatable program so your clients could understand the true value of what they’re receiving, but you’re baffled at where to begin.

There's a solution and I promise it's fun

Developing YOUR system is the key to growing your business beyond trading your minutes for money.

Many people find it difficult to create their first program, but I promise, you do this once, and you’ve got a plan you can follow forever.

I’m here to help you playfully craft your first signature program.


Emily Kristofferson

“Working with Margie has truly helped my business transform!”

Working with Margie has truly helped my business transform. I have been continually impressed by the quality of her work, and I have learned so much from her. With Margie’s help, I developed my signature program effortlessly, which I didn’t think was possible. She also provided great support throughout my first launch. She saw my vision and supported me at every step! As a result, my email subscriber list doubled and my signature program has been a great success. It’s a joy to speak with Margie. She has a strong desire to support your progress, and she provides inspiring direction and guidance without ever pushing too hard. She really listens to understand.

I have gotten so much accomplished with Margie’s coaching. I would recommend working with Margie to any entrepreneur who knows that they need support to move forward. She is very solid and forthcoming. She is honest in an industry that is often not. As a result of working with her, I am excited about my business and its new direction.

Emily Kristofferson

If you are

A service-based entrepreneur

With a unique contribution

Who feels the dread of trading dollars for hours

And you are ready to translate your brilliance into a program that has your clients saying YES!

But you don’t have the time to commit to a live program or the resources for individual coaching.


This powerfully organized and easy to follow self-study course is MADE FOR YOU.


Lesia (Lasha) Zablockij

“You made it feel doable!”

Margie – you made it feel doable and I thank you for that. So much made sense and it didn’t seem like such a huge insurmountable thing anymore. The Signature Program in a Weekend lets you put all of your pieces of the puzzle together and come out with the finished product. Loved it! The comfort level I now feel about building a program is amazing.

Lesia (Lasha) Zablockij

What's included

This content-rich self-study program guides you through my powerful 7-Step Process for Creating A Signature Program Your Clients Will Love.

At the end of the course you’ll have your own fully developed program to expand your business and create the reliable income you deserve while working fewer hours a week.

You’ll receive six (6) training modules to take you step-by-step through the process of creating a signature program your clients will love.

Each training module contains comprehensive materials designed to walk you step-by-step through the process.

You’ll receive:

Create a Signature Program Home Study



action list



Six (6) 30 minute Pre-recorded Audio Trainings – one for each module

Six (6) Full Audio Transcripts – one for each pre-recorded training (so you can follow along and make notes)

A Weekly Action Plan for Each Training Module (to help you implement)

Six (6) Weekly Workbooks – one for each training module. The workbooks outline the key points of each module and include exercises and space to take notes, as well.

Additional Exercises

The content is delivered straight to your inbox on a weekly basis (we’re not trying to overwhelm you) so you can work through the material at your own pace.

Each week’s email will contain a link that leads you to a resource page where you’ll have access to that week’s training materials.

So what will we cover?



  • Reveal what you want to achieve for yourself as an entrepreneur who makes a difference and lives in abundance.
  • Specifically define where you want to be so we can build a map to get you there.


  • Determine who you want to serve, and who you don’t.
  • Get 100% clear on who your ideal clients are and why they hire you.


  • Uncover what you’re truly passionate about and what you can best teach your tribe.
  • Describe what you do in a way that makes your ideal clients say YES to you on the spot.
  • Identify where your brilliance intersects with their needs so you can serve them in powerful and relevant ways.


  • Identify your current processes (yes, you have some, I promise).
  • Organize your radiant ideas into a system that meets your clients’ needs and solves their pressing problems. (Hint: this is your first signature program!)
  • Step-by-step, we’ll outline a signature program that’s rooted in YOUR brilliance.


  • Design and organize your curriculum – on both the big-picture and nitty-gritty detail levels.
  • Learn the secret to organizing and translating your brilliance to create a compelling curriculum.
  • Incorporate my powerful teaching and application essentials so that your curriculum not only gets the results your clients desire, but over-delivers.


  • Put your strengths and preferences to work for you.
  • Design the most desirable format for your program based on those strengths and preferences – think live group program versus home study, workbook versus webinar.
  • Offer your program with confidence knowing that it’s formulated in the way that you can best serve your audience.
  • Learn how to strategically unveil your offering to the world in a way that has you booked solid.
  • Master simple, proven methods to immediately market your signature program to your current clientele, your list, and hot new audiences.


  • Receive tools to assess and evaluate what you’ve created so you can envision what to offer next
  • Identify where you’re still feeling challenged and create a step-by-step plan to get unstuck.
  • Celebrate your wins! It is as essential to celebrate your journey as it is to plan the next step. We always pause to acknowledge our wins, no matter the size.


  • In this bonus training, you’ll learn how to structure your business into a moneymaking machine by leveraging your knowledge into multiple programs and products.
  • With this information you’ll work one-on-one because you want to, not because you have to.



Sharon Martin“I’ve had some of the biggest breakthroughs imaginable!”

I never expected to have such clarity and to make so much progress so quickly.

I have had an excellent time completing the worksheets that Margie provides. (Thank you so much for putting together such superb exercises!)

Completing the worksheets has given me some of the biggest breakthroughs imaginable in my conscious awareness of the overall picture of my Signature Program AND the specifics for creating my Program in detail!

Margie is an expert in her field and demonstrates creative, detailed knowledge and implementation.

I hold her, her superlative work, her high level of integrity and consistency, and the value of her services in the highest of esteem.

Sharon Martin
Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Sometimes knowing what actions to take in which order is all you need to move beyond your plateau.

I developed this system to make it easy for you to share your talents with the world and fall in love with your business again.


Create A Signature Program Your Clients Will Love

Single Payment of $597

Also Available

The entire self study program +
two 30 minute private coaching sessions with Margie (Value of Coaching Sessions =$300)

One Payment of $697* (that’s a $200 savings)

Two Easy Payments of $350





I want you to know that you are taking absolutely no risk by investing in this powerful program because your investment is backed by my personal satisfaction guarantee. I am 100% confident that this program offers valuable content that will have you taking powerful action. If you decide that this course didn’t provide the value you expected, you may contact me to receive a full refund up to 30 days after the start of the program.

Now is the time.

Claim your space, systemize your brilliance,

expand your business, and design the life you want!